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In October, 2011, I arrived in the Kingdom of Bhutan to begin a nine-month Fulbright Fellowship. I was joined by my partner, Ruth Hill, six weeks later. Our project is to learn about this enigmatic and exciting Himalayan country as it launches itself into the modern world, led by a forward-thinking set of values it calls Gross National Happiness.

Gretchen and Ruth at Dochula

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  1. 03/4/2012

    Hi, Gretchen. Should have known you were off some place no one else ever goes;-) Love the attitude of the Bhutanese. Thanks for sharing. Almost done with that damn book.

  2. 05/3/2012

    Looks like an amazing place! Just read your piece in the Macalester Today. 🙂

    Do you ever send postcards? I am trying to collect one stamped and mailed from as many countries in the world as I can.

  3. 07/17/2012
    Ginger Bryant

    Hello Gretchen! Just finished your book All the Powerful Invisible Things! Loved it! I am so not the camper, hunter,fisherman! I am a city girl thru and thru, so I really enjoyed seeing that world thru your eyes. I felt as if I was there with you without being in the cold and rain!!!I am leading a discussion at my book club tomorrow night and thought I would see if you had any insites you could share. Hope to hear from you but if, not understand. The book club is called the Karma Darma’s. We are a group of women from all lifestyles with just one thing in common, the love of books and reading about all topics. I know you are having a wonderful experience in Bhutan. Is it cold and raining there also????Yours truly, Ginger

  4. 08/22/2012
    Rebecca Anderson

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous photos and the insights that helped me to really see a place with which I have had little contact. Sounds like you have had an experience that will deeply affect who you are.

    Best wishes from a fellow Mac ’84 grad.

  5. 01/6/2013

    Hello! I stumbled upon these pages in a google search for Gedu, where I will begin living in just 5 short months. As Bhutan is not fully accessible online, I am constantly searching for living sources who might share their experiences in the kingdom. Just last week I was honored to meet a Bhutanese minister to Belgium. If it is no inconvenience to you, I would be highly interested in hearing more about your time there. Might you have any practical advice for two academics relocating long-term to Bhutan for research? Online sources seem wholly directed to tourists and so mostly confuses me about what to expect. Do you plan to return at any point? Thank you for sharing the poetic reflections housed in this blog regarding your time there. All the best to you and yours in this new year. Humbly, Cathryn

    • 06/7/2013

      Hello Cathryn,
      I’ve been remiss in not getting back to you. Are you in Gedu? How is it going? Have you met my friend Rob?


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